Take Free Fire Corps Training this August

Fire Corps is offering a series of free online training this month as part of the Fire Corps Academy. Register at https://firecorps.webex.com by clicking on the Upcoming Sessions tab under Live Sessions.

FC-305: Community Assistance Program
August 8 at 1pm Eastern

This course provides an overview of a community assistance program particularly after a critical incident, such as fires, death, car accidents, social service referrals, multiple calls to 911, and more. Learn how your Fire Corps team can play a vital role in providing after-the-incident support and the resources necessary to implement this type of program. 

FC-304: Conducting Home Safety Checks
August 21 at 11am Eastern

This course explains the purpose and importance for home safety checks and the role that Fire Corps personnel can play in conducting these checks. It introduces the concept that non-emergency volunteers can be educated in fire prevention concepts and provides the platform and the format to conduct effective home safety surveys. The module will also provide the necessary ingredients to make this program successful.  

FC-202: Project and Volunteer Management
August 22 at 11am Eastern

This class is designed for Program Managers and Coordinators or those wishing to be in a leadership role. It provides an overview of how to manage your program and all of its components, including the projects you undertake and the people that will help you get the task done – your volunteers. 

FC-201: Achieving More through Collaboration
August 23 at 11am Eastern
This session teaches the fundamentals of collaborating with other agencies and how fire and emergency service departments can achieve more through partnerships. 

The Fire Corps Academy is a series of free training sessions and resources designed for Fire Corps program managers, department leaders, department staff, and local Fire Corps volunteers who wish to start and/or participate in a Fire Corps program. Learn more about the Fire Corps Academy at wordpress-117188-338720.cloudwaysapps.com/academy.