September is Campus Fire Safety Month

Students across the nation are getting ready to head back to school. No matter whether students live on or off campus, safety is a primary concern. According to the Center for Campus Fire Safety, there have been 114 campus-related fire fatalities since the year 2000.

September is Campus Fire Safety Month and it is a great time for your Fire Corps members to reach out to local universities regarding fire and life safety and to educate both faculty and students about the importance of protecting themselves and their residences. There are many ways Fire Corps programs can help college students learn to protect themselves, their friends, and their property from fires. These include conducting smoke alarm checks at off-campus houses, distributing fire and life safety literature in dorms and during collegiate events, and partnering with campus organizations to recruit students to become members of the Fire Corps team.

Campus Fire Safety Month serves as an incentive for schools across the country to reach out to their students and teach them the importance of knowing how to prevent fires from occurring, or, if one should break out, what to do. For more information about Campus Fire Safety Month, visit

Access additional campus fire safety tips from the United States Fire Administration at