HELP Pet Owners Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season began June 1, and now is the time for Fire Corps teams to make sure members of the community – and their four-legged friends – are prepared. is working with Hurricane Hollow Weather to create the Hurricane Evacuation and Location Planning (HELP) program to assist people in making informed decisions when storms threaten and/or evacuation orders are given. will be keeping track of impending storms and helping to identify pet-friendly lodgings in the vicinity of active storm locations. An Android phone app will also be developed to locate pet-friendly lodgings in case computer access is impossible due to a storm.

Fire departments and communities in high risk areas should have a plan in place before a hurricane strikes to avoid or lesson potential disaster. Planning ahead is essential, especially when pet-friendly accommodations are necessary.

For other hurricane preparedness tips, tools, and resources visit the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Hurricane Preparedness Resource Center. Click here to access resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.