Fire Corps Teams Assist with Hurricane Response

The recent earthquakes, severe storms, deadly tornadoes, wildfires, and the flooding this spring and fall are all reminders that disaster can strike at any time. Fire Corps teams across the country play a vital role in assisting fire/EMS departments in times of disaster. Several Fire Corps teams recently stepped in to help their communities in the wake of damage caused by Hurricane Irene. 

With the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting an above average normal hurricane season this year, Fire Corps members on the East Coast are ready to help. Recently, Hurricane Irene made her way up the East Coast and Fire Corps members sprang into action to perform a variety of tasks throughout their community including preparation, response, and clean-up.

Medford (MA) Auxiliary Fire Department participated in preparation and response activities during Hurricane Irene. Three Fire Corps members volunteered a total of 24 hours. The volunteers reported to houses with downed trees, blocked off streets that were unsafe, and supported firefighters during fire suppression and pump outs as needed.

In Mineville, NY, nine volunteers from Mountain Meadows Public Safety Ministry helped their community after Hurricane Irene by providing traffic control, removing downed trees, and assisting with basic EMS response. These nine volunteers gave 18 hours of their time for these efforts.

Fire Island Pines (NY) Fire Corps members went door-to-door to contact residents for evacuations and to record those who chose to remain in town. The Fire Corps members were the first to return to Fire Island Pines on the ferry after the storm to assist with resident re-occupation. Eight Fire Corps members volunteered a total of 24 hours of their time to assist in preparation, response, and clean-up related to Hurricane Irene.

A member of the Vigilant Hose Company, No. 6 Fire Corps in Emmitsburg, MD, is a professional meteorologist for the U.S. Army and volunteered to monitor the weather during the hurricane to provide the fire company with up-to-date information as the storm progressed.

Milford Fire Department's Fire Corps team answered calls placed to a storm information hotline. During the hurricane, they provided all means for the emergency responders. After the storm, the team continued to answer the hotline questions regarding power supply and FEMA assistance for storm damage. 

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) wants to make sure communities are ready for hurricanes. The NVFC created a resource center to assist fire/EMS departments and Fire Corps teams in preparing their communities for hurricane activity.

If your Fire Corps team participated in assisting your community with preparation, response, or clean-up efforts related to Hurricane Irene, click here to send us your story.