Fire Corps Included in New iPhone App

Sinecure Industries, an app development start-up, is looking to reinvent the way we look at charity and altruism in their new free iPhone app "Acts of Kindness." The idea behind "Acts of Kindness" is to appeal to the inherent goodness in people and channel it through the fast-paced, on–the-go attitude that mobile users have adopted. 

"Acts of Kindness" features over 300 charitable actions and hopes to catch people with free time who are looking to make a positive change. In addition to individual actions, the app also links to over 100 charities to encourage involvement of the user through a direct donation of time or money.

Fire Corps is included in the application. Volunteers can quickly be linked to Fire Corps and offer to donate their time.

"Acts of Kindness" is free to download from the Apple App Store at